September 3, 2019 , Tue

Hello blogging, my old friend.

It’s been a while, guys? Back when I started this site, I was young. Well, younger. I was full of ideals and wonder and capable of running on two hours of sleep.

While I still have the ideals and wonder, I’m barely a human at two hours of sleep. Eventually, blogging became harder for me as I took on more responsibilities at work, decided to apply for grad school, got into grad school, had no time for anything else besides work and grad school, but still decided to start a Booktube channel, graduated from grad school, and promptly burned out. I’m sure you know this story. Anyway, I’ve missed blogging and making youtube videos about books and talking about books in general so I decided to make my way back into the sphere. At the same time, I had developed new interests and reignited passions for some of my older ones and I wanted to find a way to incorporate it all into my site so I re-branded myself as Paperback Jedi. I plan to talk about video games, books, movies, kdrama, fandom, and a variety of other topics that strike my fancy. I feel like this will give me a bit more freedom and room to grow. So, lucky you, you’ll be seeing all kinds of posts from me. It’ll still be mostly books though, let’s be real, because that’s who I am. Mostly books. 📚

I still feel more like a collection of mismatched hobbies that stutter in and out of gear depending on my mood, but I never stop loving books. I mean, really. I fucking love reading. So I’m back on my bullshit in that regard. But also, I just like a lot of things.

Wait, so what will you be on about now?

I know, right? I’ve made you a handy dandy list of things to know:

  • You will find navigation links to my types of posts: bookish, gaming, fandom, watchlist (there are anime, kdrama, tv, and movie subdivisions there), miscelleanous, IRL, and features I plan on having on my site for bookish related material.
  • It will still be mainly book reviews and book content because I’m a book dragon on main.
  • You will also see posts with my Booktube videos and maybe even some Let’s Plays eventually.
  • I’m not sure how often I’ll post, but I would expect a few times a week.
  • No, you don’t have to sign up for my newsletter.
  • Wait, do I even have a newsletter?
  • Should I have a newsletter?
  • Hmmmm….
  • My reviews will also have a neat little bit at the end where I tell you if this could be the book you are looking for or if it probably is NOT the book you are looking for.
  • There will definitely be pictures of my cat. 🐱
  • I also curse a lot. Like, really a lot.

I think that about covers it. As always, you can find me on my social media sites or email me if you have questions or wanna talk or feel like sending me lengthy missives on Stardew Valley romance options. I am always here for that shit, to be honest.

In summation:

Basically, I’m just here to start talking about things I love again. Stick around if you’re into that. If not, that’s cool too. You can use the navigation links to look around. I’m pretty excited about my upcoming features tho. It took me ages to come up with those gems. Anyways, see you around, I guess? 😎


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Diana is your sleep-deprived, fandom loving, payload escorting, book obssessing tour guide. She has her Bachelor's degree in English Literature and her Master's degree in Creative Writing. She currently works for a community college in the IT department and is an adjunct professor teaching English.

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