September 1, 2020 , Tue
Okay, guys, this tutorial comes highly requested by the general community and I thought I'd bite the bullet and make it. So, you just read a book. It wasn't great. You actually thought it was terrible-- possibly the worst book you've ever read in your life. The world needs to know that this book is Not Good. It's not problematic or harmful or anything, it's just THE WORST... for reasons. And you feel like you need to share this. To warn people. I get it, I do. We have limited amounts of time and no one wants to waste it reading bad books. So, here are the steps you need to take in order to not tag the author of the book in your negative review: Write the review. Post the review (optional step). THAT'S IT. STOP HERE. DO NOT TAG OR ENGAGE THE AUTHOR. Continue Reading +

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