November 14, 2019 , Thu
So you wanna watch a Kdrama, but don't know where to start? Don't worry, y'all,  I got you covered. Today, I'll be talking about 12 Kdramas currently on Netflix you can start right now. If you're not familiar with Korean dramas, that's totally cool! I didn't know what they were when I found them so many years ago, but I quickly grew to love them (in fact, I watch more Korean dramas than I do American televsion). They are trope-y fanfictiony goodness all rolled into 16-20 episodes. That's right, 16-20 episodes. Unlike American tv which has multiple seasons of shows, Korean dramas tend to tell their story completely within a much shorter time frame. Typical dramas only air for a few months and then they're done! No season two, three four, etc. There are exceptions to this, but very few. I actually found the format refreshing because I knew that once I started a Kdrama, I wouldn't have to wait 8 seasons to see certain developments. All in all, I've become obsessed with them and can't wait to share my love with y'all. Recently, Netflix has stepped up its Kdrama game, adding more and more Kdramas to their service (including 

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