September 3, 2019 , Tue
Hello blogging, my old friend. It's been a while, guys? Back when I started this site, I was young. Well, younger. I was full of ideals and wonder and capable of running on two hours of sleep. While I still have the ideals and wonder, I'm barely a human at two hours of sleep. Eventually, blogging became harder for me as I took on more responsibilities at work, decided to apply for grad school, got into grad school, had no time for anything else besides work and grad school, but still decided to start a Booktube channel, graduated from grad school, and promptly burned out. I'm sure you know this story. Anyway, I've missed blogging and making youtube videos about books and talking about books in general so I decided to make my way back into the sphere. At the same time, I had developed new interests and reignited passions for some of my older ones and I wanted to find a way to incorporate it all into my site so I re-branded myself as Paperback Jedi. I plan to talk about video games, books, movies, kdrama, fandom, and a variety of other topics that strike my fancy. I feel like 

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