Hi, it’s me, your local blogger/Booktuber/tea drinking disaster bi with weird hair.

Hello, I’m Diana and this is my corner of the internet which is mostly full of cats and nerd stuff.

I run on ice cream and somewhere around 6 hours of sleep. Here’s a list of things I love: cats, video games, books, reading, writing, blogging, putzing around in Photoshop, fandom, anything produced in the 80s, tea, chocolate, bullet journaling, rainy days, my boyfriend, and sleeping in. I collect hobbies and my hair is always changing colors.

I have my Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and my Master’s degree in Creative Writing. I’m perpetually working on about 5 different YA manuscripts and one day, I’d like to publish one. Mostly, they’re about magic and dragons and witches and adventures and kids saving the world. You know, the good stuff.

I work in an IT office at a local community college where I’m basically a less cool version of Pepper Potts. But I have two monitors and get weekends off, so that’s rad.

I live in New Jersey with my cat, 8 bookshelves, and a ridiculous amount of gaming consoles.

Everything else is… well, you’ll find out if you stick around.