July 16, 2018 , Mon
Sam just wants to continue flying under the radar and hang out with his best friend. But after a mysterious event leaves him and a motley crew of teenagers and kids looking for answers in a town with no adults, he’s forced to step up and take a leadership position. Unfortunately, not everyone is in support of his decisions and it leads to an all our war zone in what was once a small, quiet beach town. And weird things keep happening. People are developing powers, animals are mutating, and who knows what else is coming. I was surprised with how much I loved this book. It was a non stop, action packed adventure from start to finish. Though the story is told from multiple character’s perspectives, it mainly follows the story of Sam, an unlikely hero who has no interest in being a hero. I really enjoyed the multiple narratives as it really gave a lot of insight into who everyone was and what they wanted. You had some people who just wanted their parents, some who were hungry for power, some who wanted to make sure everyone was taken care of, and some people who flat out did 

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