July 16, 2018 , Mon
It's been... a while, right? About five or six years ago, I started a book blog. I kept that book blog running for a few years, brought on a co-blogger and things were good. I even attempted a Booktube channel and managed to keep that going for almost a year before I developed a weird and sudden camera shyness where I just couldn't get comfortable in front of the camera. And then I burned out on reading and books in general. I still don't talk about 2016's Goodreads Challenge massive failure, tbh. Then life got busy and we both stopped posting anything and this place stayed dormant for a very long time. I started spending all my waking hours watching kdrama and playing Overwatch and my co-blogger became a Bookstagrammer and started her own new blog. Cut to today where I'm still spending and obscene amount of time watching kdrama and a slightly less obscene amount of time playing Overwatch. But over time, I started to get that familiar itch to create things. And I decided I'd bring the blog back (and maybe the Booktube channel too, sometime in the near future) BUT I'd also talk about other things. I 

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