July 16, 2018 , Mon

It’s been… a while, right? About five or six years ago, I started a book blog. I kept that book blog running for a few years, brought on a co-blogger and things were good. I even attempted a Booktube channel and managed to keep that going for almost a year before I developed a weird and sudden camera shyness where I just couldn’t get comfortable in front of the camera. And then I burned out on reading and books in general. I still don’t talk about 2016’s Goodreads Challenge massive failure, tbh. Then life got busy and we both stopped posting anything and this place stayed dormant for a very long time.

I started spending all my waking hours watching kdrama and playing Overwatch and my co-blogger became a Bookstagrammer and started her own new blog. Cut to today where I’m still spending and obscene amount of time watching kdrama and a slightly less obscene amount of time playing Overwatch. But over time, I started to get that familiar itch to create things. And I decided I’d bring the blog back (and maybe the Booktube channel too, sometime in the near future) BUT I’d also talk about other things. I think part of the problem is that I felt I had to always talk about books. And while I love books and they’re by by far my most prevalent interest and hobby, they’re not all I do. I’m also pretty into video games and bullet journaling. I like to take pretty pictures and make fandom graphics for tumblr. I watch a lot of movies and tv shows (and of course, kdrama). I have so many things wandering around up in my head at any given moment that it seemed silly to limit my discussions to bookish things only. So I said okay, let’s try this again.

I rebranded and changed my site name to Paperback Jedi to reflect a more broad scope of interests. Star Wars and books seemed a good blend of all my nerd cultures: books, movies, fandom, being one with the force and fighting on the side of light, etc. So here we are again.

Expect posts about everything and nothing. You can check out some of the features I hope to have on here. You can also subscribe to my currently empty brand new Booktube channel if you want. Or, if you want a live feed into my life and to know what I’m doing at any given moment, you can follow me on Twitter. Other than that, uh, hi again? I wanted to include that American Horror Story gif, but that seems like overkill, honestly. Ah, what the hell.

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