Hi, it’s me, your local blogger/Booktuber/tea drinking disaster bi with weird hair.

Hi, I’m Diana and this is my corner of the internet.

I run on ice cream and somewhere around 6 hours of sleep. Here’s a list of things I love: cats, video games, books, reading, writing, blogging, putzing around in Photoshop, fandom, anything produced in the 80s, tea, chocolate, bullet journaling, rainy days, and sleeping in. I collect hobbies and my hair is always changing colors.

I have my Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and my Master’s degree in Creative Writing. I’m perpetually working on about 5 different YA manuscripts and one day, I’d like to publish one. Mostly, they’re about magic and dragons and witches and adventures and kids saving the world.

I work in an IT office at a local community college where I’m basically a less cool version of Pepper Potts.

I live in New Jersey with my cat, 8 bookshelves, and a ridiculous amount of gaming consoles.

Everything else is… well, you’ll find out if you stick around.