January 18, 2020 , Sat

I am not the best at making and keeping resolutions. Well, technically, I’m good at making them just not so much the other part. I resurrected this blog and my Booktube channel which both help me maintain a healthy brain, but I’m terrible at posting and keeping up with both. I’m gonna try and get better, though.

Basically, this is a hold myself accountable post and I charge all 3 of you reading this to backhand me across the face if I start to fall off the wagon. Seriously, ask me for my number and I will give it to you and you can text me incessantly if I haven’t been living up to my own expectations. Cool? Cool. Anyways, here are the goals I’ve come up with for the year.

reading goals:

  • 52 books this year (one book a week) 📖
  • read some non-fiction
  • read some middle grade
  • continue finding and supporting diverse authors/works
  • try to read at least a little bit every day

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